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Last updated: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 12:47:21 GMT

 ‘Make bang bang’: Virginia gun-rights lobbyist duped into promoting pistols for tots
Philip Van Cleave draws criticism from supporters for unwitting role on satirical TV show.
 Vulnerable Virginia House Republicans lead in money race going into general election
Democrats are building their war chests after competitive primaries
 Fire breaks out at high-rise building in Alexandria, Va.
Three people transported to area hospital after fire in Virginia.
 Two killed in crash on Fairfax County Parkway
Two others were injured in the 2 a.m. crash.
 Virginia attorney general files motion to dismiss lawsuit challenging state abortion restrictions
Mark Herring says the restrictions should be challenged in the legislature, not the courts.
 Luxury sports car: newly purchased, quickly wrecked
Fairfax County police say the wreck was caused by speeding.
 A mysterious disease is killing millions of bats. These scientists are trying to save them.
Researchers want to find survivors and reverse-engineer how they made it through.
 DC Rider’s Answer Line: This is a 7000-series train. So what?
A lot of people on Twitter have been asking why Metro has been making announcements to inform people they’re riding in a 7000-series train. And they haven’t been satisfied by the answers they’re getting.
 A Nepali immigrant brought his daughter to America for a better life. Then his own was taken.
Death of immigrant highlights the dangerous and sometimes fatal jobs foreign workers take.
 Prince William County home sales
Listings of homes sold recently in Prince William and Stafford counties.